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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020: Principal of FHI Ventures Urges Investors and Entrepreneurs to Embrace Gender and Minority Lens in Practices

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already threatened to derail progress made on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the need for investors and entrepreneurs to increase their commitment to applying a gender and minority lens into their investing and business practices is even more urgent. Priyanka Rao, Principal of FHI Ventures, was featured by the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) where she urges investors and entrepreneurs everywhere to embrace a gender and minority lens into their practices.

Unlocking Investment for Social Impact: A Guide to Impact Investing

FHI Ventures is featured as a key market builder in the impact investing ecosystem in this February 2020 report from Bond, the UK network for international development organizations.

Project Sage 3.0: Tracking Ventures Capital, Private Equity and Private Debt with a Gender Lens

This 2019 report from the Wharton Social Impact features FHI Ventures and our ongoing commitment to advancing gender-lens investing.

Priming SDG Markets: Can International Donors and Implementers Create an Impact Investment Pipeline?

FHI Ventures is featured as “as a key example and model for impact investing stemming from a global nonprofit” in this March 2020 report from the Milken Institute.

The Navigating Impact Project: Access to Quality Education

In collaboration with FHI 360, FHI Ventures led the development of six education-themed investment strategies as part of the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) Navigating Impact Project

Duke Case Smart Impact Capital

This article from Duke University’s Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) describes how FHI Ventures leveraged CASE’s Smart Impact Capital toolkit in building the curriculum for our unique accelerator model.

Amplify Impact Investing 2: The Next Mile of Impact Investing for INGOs

The FHI Ventures team contributed to the chapter titled “The Case for INGO-Run Accelerators” in this impact investing report published by Humentum and International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) Impact Investing Network. The chapter discusses how FHI Venture leveraged unique assets to create a distinctive approach to impact investing and the accelerator model.

Bold Ideas for a Better Future electronic brochure

FHI Ventures’ e-brochure provides a concise overview of our approach to value creation, differentiators and portfolio of companies.

2018-2019 Impact Report

Explore FHI Ventures’ strategic partnerships, its accelerator program, and its investments in nine companies solving pressing problems in water, sanitation, healthcare and fintech. This report also looks to the future, exploring FHI Ventures’ plans to build an equity-based fund focused on female empowerment.

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