FHI Ventures launches its 2018-2019 Impact Report

2018-19 FHI Ventures Impact Report cover image

The FHI Ventures team is pleased to present its 2018–2019 Impact Report. Since its 2018 launch, FHI Ventures has worked in close collaboration with FHI 360, the FHI Foundation and many other strategic partners to select and invest in nine companies solving pressing problems in water, sanitation, healthcare and fintech. This impact report provides an important tool for reflecting on the value of impact investing in creating a more equitable future and the role of innovative financing and partnerships in driving the UN sustainable development goals.

One of the biggest opportunities that our accelerator program provided was the ability to connect FHI Ventures-supported social enterprises with the expansive FHI 360 platform. Throughout this process, we prioritized sustainability and maintained close relationships with our investments and partners. We also prioritized gender-lens investing in our second year, and we continue our commitment to greater diversity, equity and inclusion in our investments, as well as to expanding our global networks to strategic regions. Finally, in 2019, we entered into an exciting collaboration the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) to advise and develop their Navigating Impact Education strategies and metrics.

FHI Ventures is fortunate to work with amazing partners, entrepreneurs and investors around the world and we look forward to continued collaboration. Moving forward, as we expand our footprint in the global impact investing space, we will continue to build an equity-based fund focused on female empowerment and growing our global networks to strategic regions. For any inquiries on the FHI Ventures Fund, please contact Wellington Pak.


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